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I don’t update this website anymore and it’ll probably go offline at some point.

I’ve moved away from using WordPress and now publish my work via the Hotline Café. It’s a lot more fun and doesn’t try to use cookies.

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New Distronaut album // DAYS WORTH LIVING

Listen to Distronaut // DAYS WORTH LIVING (2020) [48:26] — My first full length release in over five years. Available to stream from YouTube.

A selection of electronic music I’ve composed between the years 2015-2020.

You can download the album as a whole or as individual tracks on my Bandcamp page.


Total Anarchy – 2020.1 Update

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. Many of us are confined indoors for at least the next several weeks. To help keep us entertained, here’s a fresh update for Total Anarchy!



This latest update brings all new missions, activities, interiors and music. It also comes with a plethora of bug fixes and other improvements.

Version 0.9 – Release 2020.1 Changelog:

– FIXED: Reduced loading time and GPU overhead when entering the city
– FIXED: All fatal errors reported since last release have been patched
– ADDED: 5 new story missions
– ADDED: Extended introduction and tutorial sequence
– ADDED: You can now buy and sell drugs to certain people around the city
– ADDED: 2 new types of weapon shops and other interiors
– ADDED: 4 new radio stations with all new songs and adverts
– ADDED: More aesthetic details and variety to the city
– ADDED: Entering an owned property or safehouse will clear your wanted level
– CHANGED: Wanted system has been refined
– CHANGED: Vehicle weight has been shifted toward the centre to improve car handling

Important information for existing players:
Savegames from previous versions probably won’t work. Start a new game, you’ll get to play the new story missions this way anyway.


Lots more to see an do in Pavilion City!

Download the new update – completely free (donationware) – on


Classic Game Maker showcase

I was 12 years old when I first discovered Game Maker. I remember begging my parents to buy me the registered version for £10 so I could try out all the blend modes and 3D functions.

Here’s a narrated video to show you how far that tenner eventually went. It covers some of my early experiments right up until I stopped using Game Maker regularly. A trip through time!

Many thanks to Mark Overmars, the original creator of Game Maker.

Total Anarchy – UPDATE 0.8b // available to download for free!

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A new version of Total Anarchy is available!

Are you ready for more top down rampaging fun in Pavilion City?

This is version 0.8b, the second major release.

The project is currently at the beta testing stage, so you are encouraged to let me know about any pesky bugs or unhappy game-play moments.

0.8b includes a vast array of fresh content e.g. new missions, buildings, activities and trading. Many bugs have been resolved and you should notice a significant improvement to several aspects of the game-play.

Grab it here (name your price) –

Thank you all for playing!


Distronaut Discography Released! + New Track: “TACHYON BEAM”

Listen to Distronaut on iTunes!

Listen to Distronaut on Spotify

Finally at last, I’ve comprehensively uploaded all of my music produced as Distronaut from 2010 to 2014. You’ve got Isle Eleven, Evoke, Hot Pixel & Cassette Roulette now available to stream or purchase. Also now available on Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Play, Pandora and even Napster!

So you can now listen anywhere to 2.5 hours of dreamy techno, trancey breaks, 8-bit funk, deep house rhythms & warm synth soundscapes – hopefully there’s something to enjoy for all fans of electronic music.


This week I’ve finished a new song called Tachyon Beam! This one grooves along at 112bpm, with layered arpeggios & dreamy filters. Take a listen on SoundCloud and get following if you like the tunes!

Total Anarchy – 2018 Demo Now Available!


Now available to download & play via (name your price.)

The game is nearly finished. It’s finally time for you to test it out and let me know what you love, what you hate & what you believe is hot garbage.

A lot is still in development, but the current version lets you explore freely and do what you like. There’s even 2 hours of exclusive in-game radio!

Thank you for those who’ve waited so patiently for this version!


Here is a sort of music video for Fuchsia City, the first track I’ve finished in a long while. Stylistically it bears some resemblance to housey vapourwave. I hope at least somebody enjoys it. The video is a compilation of clips from Game Maker 8 testing different camera angles; I thought it might prove interesting.