Total Anarchy – 2020.1 Update

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. Many of us are confined indoors for at least the next several weeks. To help keep us entertained, here’s a fresh update for Total Anarchy!



This latest update brings all new missions, activities, interiors and music. It also comes with a plethora of bug fixes and other improvements.

Version 0.9 – Release 2020.1 Changelog:

– FIXED: Reduced loading time and GPU overhead when entering the city
– FIXED: All fatal errors reported since last release have been patched
– ADDED: 5 new story missions
– ADDED: Extended introduction and tutorial sequence
– ADDED: You can now buy and sell drugs to certain people around the city
– ADDED: 2 new types of weapon shops and other interiors
– ADDED: 4 new radio stations with all new songs and adverts
– ADDED: More aesthetic details and variety to the city
– ADDED: Entering an owned property or safehouse will clear your wanted level
– CHANGED: Wanted system has been refined
– CHANGED: Vehicle weight has been shifted toward the centre to improve car handling

Important information for existing players:
Savegames from previous versions probably won’t work. Start a new game, you’ll get to play the new story missions this way anyway.


Lots more to see an do in Pavilion City!

Download the new update – completely free (donationware) – on


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