Live Stuff

SitC 2013: (17th August 2013)

Joining Mr. Weebl, Sarah Darling and Jenny Bingham on stage at the Alexandria Palace. This event was huge. We were lucky enough to meet the hilarious Brett Domino Trio and a many other well watched YouTube faces.

We had also played a smaller, less publicised gig as Savlonic at the Islington O2 Academy the night before.

SitC 2012: (18th August 2012)

The first live event I played with Mr. Weebl. We spent a long time preparing for this and it certainly paid off! This took place at the Brewery in London.

Neurosis: (7th September 2010)

A word-of-mouth promoted underground night, featuring fellow producer Hexus, and I. We hired out the Volks nightclub in Brighton and advertised the music as a combination of underground electro and drum and bass (starting with some more accessible tunes to help draw the punters.)


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