Game Maker 8 vibrancy in time to electronic music. If that’s what you’re into.

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Grab Cassette Roulette On Bandcamp Now!

My latest album is now available to purchase on Bandcamp!

All eleven tracks are available to buy, HQ and mastered, £1 each or £3 for the entire album.

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GM Studio Tutorial: 3D Lighting

I’ve recorded an in-depth tutorial in how to work the d3d lighting features in Game Maker Studio. Over fifty minutes, I build a scene entirely from scratch, define and place the light sources. You can also download the editable so you can copy and tweak the code.

Please subscribe to my channel if you like these tutorial videos. Leave any questions in the comments and either I or other informed viewers can answer.

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Full Length Distronaut Album – ‘Cassette Roulette’ Is Ready To Stream!

Get ready to experience the third Distronaut compilation, ‘Cassette Roulette,’ currently available exclusively on my YouTube channel. This latest album features eleven original compositions.

The album will be available in other formats in the coming weeks. This YouTube release is something unique as it includes specially selected visual treats in the form of rare archive footage.

It’s a bit like when you find a box of used recordable VHS tapes with no labelling. Who knows what fascinating clips you’ll find?

Track Times:
01. Joy [00:11]
02. Ginglyform [03:30]
03. Nobody Big Enough [06:50]
04. Departure [11:02]
05. Virtual Biscuits (Away From Here) [15:50]
06. Cacoethes [20:20]
07. Soft Kill [23:30]
08. Sunset Shuffle [26:47]
09. Broken Dreams [28:44]
10. Toytown [32:00]
11. Tiny Trip [35:20]

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Virtual Biscuits

A new Distronaut album is almost ready. Here’s one of the featured tracks, Virtual Biscuits, to stream on YouTube – complete with early ’80s driving footage in glorious 4:3 aspect ratio.

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A joyful foray into soul territory.


I’d like to share with you my latest release, Joy. Lend it your ears if you’re in the mood for some uplifting electronic soul with cut up vocal samples.

This one was an absolute pleasure to make. Support more music like this by following my SoundCloud stream.

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Total Anarchy II Update: New Gameplay Video!

For those of you wondering whether TA2 had been shelved or cancelled, fear not! Production has continued and here’s the first evidence in quite some time!

I’ve decided to release a short clip of play-testing the latest build. It shows off how you can fire in any direction from a moving vehicle as well as some new combat features. The video also showcases the new map I’m working on, which as opposed to New Verago is entirely seamless and makes driving a much easier experience.

As for a release date? I can’t be that specific just yet. My aim is to get the next public build out during the winter of ’14. However, selected followers may have the opportunity to test the game beforehand.


‘City Of Envy’ is the working title for the long awaited next instalment of this indie freeroam series. More news and media to follow (soon, hopefully.)

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