From around 2003 I have been experimenting with electronic music. My gateway drug was Music 2000 on the original PlayStation. Some years later I moved to harder substances including Fruity Loops, Logic and Reason. I eventually went on to study Creative Music Technology BA Hons. at Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge) and graduated in 2013.

Some of my tunes have found their way to popular video game soundtracks and can also be heard in the background of various YouTube channels.

The vast majority of my work exists in the creative commons, as I welcome people using my songs to accompany their publications, or to play live at their events.

About 95% of the sounds I create remain secret and unpublished – but in 2010 I started the ‘Distronaut’ project, a series of albums showing off my more ‘accessible’ content. This page serves as a catalogue for this project.

New: Check out the YouTube playlist of my entire back catalogue between 2007-2014!


Cassette Roulette (2014) [Album]

The third full length Distronaut album. Features 9 tracks, although there are some rare special editions that include extra songs (check out the video for these.)

Watch the Cassette Roulette video!
-Buy the album on bandcamp here!

Grab Cassette Roulette on Apple Music
Listen to Cassette Roulette on Spotify



Hot Pixel (2013) [5 Track EP]

Bounce your way to space with this small collection of electro tunes from 2012-2013. This EP features the latest remix of Pulse Disruptor too.

Listen to Hot Pixel on Spotify
Grab Hot Pixel on Apple Music




Pastel Mornings (2013) [Single]
-Available to buy/listen on iTunes, Spotify & Bandcamp
-Features bonus 2013 remix of Happy Horizon!




Evoke (2012) [Album]

Check out double-length bonus version – exclusively on YouTube!

More retro vibes, oldskool flavours and thumping breakbeats.

-Download using Bandcamp here!
Stream for free on Spotify



Isle Eleven (2010) [Album]

2010 was an immense year for music. Some of my tracks from this era were very popular too, including Overall Control which is featured on this first ever Distronaut publication. I was only 17 when I made most of this stuff.

-Listen on YouTube!

-Download for free here!

Stream for free on Spotify 

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