Total Anarchy is a long term independent game project going back as far as 2006. It is currently at the beta stage, with future releases in the works.

It’s the year 2029 and you find yourself in the futuristic city of New Verago with very little friends but plenty of enemies. With the infrastructure of the country collapsing, criminal gangs are waging war with the trigger happy police forces all over town. Do what you must in order to survive and become king of the city, whether it involves car theft, murder, kidnappings or terrorism.

Total Anarchy is free and can be downloaded here:

System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista or 7. Performance can be dependent on hardware.

Neon is a 2008 arcade video game produced using  Game Maker 7.

Take an epic, eye-splitting journey through the pulsing 3D corridors of Neon. 15 Levels, each bringing new challenges and upgrades, provide a pulse-pounding experience! Featuring a unique graphical style and music tracks produced by Fionn Hodgson.

Neon is free and can be downloaded here:

System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista or 7. Performance can be dependant on hardware.



  1. Jacob Gillenwater

    Dude, i have got to say this – you are good! I have been using GM8 for a short while now, and i still can’t do anything like your stuff. I didn’t even know GM had the ability to make games with that high definition. In fact, i have only published my two best (ha ha compared to you) 2D games. My 3D is so blocky, i don’t feel right releasing them. Anyway, yours is awesome, and here is what i ask of you, will you make some tutorials? you have a TON to teach people. in fact, this link should be on yoyo’s website if this is what you are able to do with it? Please? thanks – Jacob Gillenwater

  2. Seif shawkat

    I have seen your youtube video called gamemaker 8 3D techniques, however i have searched around your website and the internet about your hopefully upcoming city building simulator but i realised that you haven’t mensioned it anywhere except the youtube video, can you write a post about it and possibly posting a demo of the game?


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