I discovered Game Maker (version 5 at the time) in school, watching the clever kids in the library make Zelda clones. I was mesmerised by how easy it looked to design and create games, at a time in my life where video games themselves were still magic.

Instantly jumping into the deep end with the limited yet versatile 3D functions Game Maker had to offer, I created a range of frankly terrible and virtually unplayable games – most of which are sadly lost to the sands of time (and data corruption.) Here you can find the few of my projects that have survived:

Completed games:

2018Total Anarchy: Pavilion City

2011Neon Tone

2010Total Anarchy: New Verago

Legacy games:

These games are too old to play on modern hardware – check out the video below for more details.

2008 – Neon! 3D

2007 – Star Dog

2006 – The City of Pliston

2006 – GTA Boxville

2005 – The Enemy Lines