I miss cheat codes in games. Therefore I included a few you can try out in Total Anarchy.

Press F1 in game (a chime plays), type any of the following words (in lower case) & then hit ENTER:

moneymoneymoney – gives you mucho dinero
stimulus – gives you a little money
wellweapon – gives you all guns & ammo
giveall – give full inventory items
donation – lose £1,000 cash
ididitall – gain full wanted level
getaway – lose wanted level
whisky – full health
killme – suicide
nighttime – time set to 0:00
daytime – time set to 12:00
fuchsia – time set to 18:00
waithere – time + 1 hour
spawnride – spawns a random car
spawnbarrel – spawns a red barrel
suckerpunch – explosive punch
birdshit – explosive bullets
savegame – quick save!
angst – kill all NPCs & vehicles
pov – enable ground level camera / 3D mode
revert – end cheat conditions & restore camera mode