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Total Anarchy!


I started a new build of Total Anarchy late last year and I want to share some early screen shots.

With the speed things are getting finished, I’m hoping you’ll all be able to play a demo of this in a few months and possibly a full version by the beginning of 2018.

Total Anarchy is back: made entirely in Game Maker Studio 1.4.

Combat inspired from Hotline Miami.

Open world driving inspired from Grand Theft Auto: 2.

Also, this will be freeware.

For the rest, I’ll let you use your imagination.



New release! Pastel Mornings single now available to buy on iTunes.

Pastel Mornings on iTunes

After producing music in my spare time for a decade now, and 4 years as Distronaut, it’s time to start publishing remastered high quality versions of my favourite work. They’re mainly atmospheric electronic beats I developed to please my ears while either procrastinating or avoiding having to go outside. A 13 track album will be following shortly.

See Distronaut – Pastel Mornings on iTunes

Summer In The City – One Week To Go!

Priority tickets for Friday and Saturday night are now available.

Weebl and I will be playing on Saturday the 18th at the Brewery in London. It’ll be a juicy selection of Weebl’s greatest hits with plenty of extra bits that nobody has seen online. The set will be about half an hour long and we’re following other high profile YouTube musicians and personalities. The attendance list this year is the biggest it has ever been so if you want to see us, it’s probably best to grab tickets pronto!

From the SitC site:
These £3 tickets will guarantee you a place in the limited capacity of the performance space. They’ll give you entrance before the doors open to everyone at 7pm.

This is only for the evening gigs.  Admission for the rest of the events over the weekend is free.

Facebook Event Page.  – See The Crowd.

You will be dancing to us like this.

Live Practice Session With Weebl

Jonti broadcast our rehearsal for the Summer In The City gig at the Brewery in London on the 18th August 2012. Please come along and see us, it’s going to be awesome!

The sound quality here is a little wobbly I’m afraid but we may broadcast another session next week with everything fixed.