GM Tutorials

Here you can find my narrated walkthroughs of Game Maker development.

Tutorial 2: Lighting 3D Scenes. Drawing the world, light placement and definition, lighting effects and unique Game Maker techniques. 

Download the editable (.gmk) : Dropbox

Tutorial 1: Top Down 3DSetting up projection, 3D mouse detection, drawing tiles, backgrounds and models and moving through the world. 

Download the editable (.gmk) : Mirror 1.

7 thoughts on “GM Tutorials

  1. Hi, if i start this game up is gives the error ‘dX not defined’ or something. i think this has to do with the arguments, where did you get them? how are those defined? they are the same as d3d_projection_ext() but i couldn’t find that either.

  2. how did you create the bus’s and cars in your topdown city-building game?
    are they models? or just ….moving fake 3d rectangles

  3. sorry meant to add this as well but you said you would show a 3d lighting tutorial and i’m not sure if you have it out yet or not, but i would love to know how to do that for my project. thank you!

  4. Does this tutorial apply to Gamemaker Studio as well. I’m getting an error that says the window width and height are divide by zero. Also, I’m anxiously awaiting other tutorials on how you were able to make the roads snap automatically together. Phenomenal job!

    • The project from the video doesn’t work with GM Studio as far as I’m aware. I’m sure a bit of tweaking could change that though so I’ll look into it at some point soon. The roads snapping automatically together is a relatively simple process. A new road tile object checks for any other road tiles around it in the create event (or in a city sim every 60 steps or so.) The texture then changes to being either a vertical, horizontal, corner or intersection road tile according to local objects. It’s a little hard to explain in writing but as people seem interested I will try to cover this in a future video.

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