Total Anarchy

The Vaporware GTA.

Total Anarchy goes back to 2006. My original aim was to create a free roaming Grand Theft Auto clone using Game Maker 6.

Several free demos spanning various stages of development have been released primarily for the now defunct Game Maker Community.

The first version took me one week to slam together. I was surprised that my little experiment caught so much attention. A lot of people thought it sucked. It looked rushed, copied and glitchy… which in fairness was true. On the other hand, just as many seemed to enjoy their time in the rudimentary top down city of Boxville.

The project has advanced not so steadily. I build my assets using 3D rendering software released in the 1990s. The entire concept is something of a relic. The last ‘polished’ build was released as far back as 2010.

Support from the programming community has kept the spirit of Total Anarchy alive. I’ve had wonderful contributions in the form of voice acting, snippets of code and thorough play-testing.

While I doubt this game will ever truly be finished to the standard I’d like it to be, it’s fascinating to see how far it’s come. Modulating between myth and presentation, the worlds of Pliston, New Verago and Pavilion City have collected a touching amount of interest.

Keep asking questions.

In the meantime, you’re welcome to try the 2010 beta.

You can also view some original discussion in the forum topic here.










Special Edition Screenshots


More varied lighting for different times of day/ types of weather.







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  2. Constantin

    hi, can you help me with a tutorial or some tips about how to create moving cars…
    I mean…when I press click .. I want this to happen:

    Advice: Make some tutorials.. you`re good at this.
    *I know .. I know.. my english sucks.. call it.. globish

  3. Jaylan

    Hey I was wondering could you e-mail me a copy of the game file. I would love to edit/ create some new things with this AMAZING game you have created.

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  5. Leonardo Vieru

    Man,you inspired me and my friend with a game.I am pretty sure your game inspired alot of people.I appreciate your time and work spent.The game is not perfect at the moment,but i am more than sure it will be.A game like this,made with a public game making software has better visuals,and layout than alot of the games produced by huge companies.Take Gta 3 for example.As jealous as i am x] i wish you that your game is going to be recognised by companies so they could take you in.I hope to see your name on the credits when the next Gta comes out.


  6. Michael

    Heya, I found you on youtube, and am most interested in your beautiful looking 3d games… I also use gamemaker 8 and am currently working on my pride and joy – A Battle Simulator ship of the line where you can build and customize your ships. Its no where near finished but thats where you come in…

    1stly your 3d shadows are very effective and if you could share what mechanism your using (is it 3D primitives flat along the ground?) I would love to try out your techniques…

    Also i have run into a problem with the xup,yup,zup and cant get my player to look directly ‘up’ on my fps camera…. i think its because its current set to 0,0,-1 (note in my game -ve z is up and +ve z is down)

    Anyway i would love to show you my game .. or at least what i have so far and discuss your very nice looking techniques!

    throw an email my way if you please!

  7. Claude Williams

    I should desparately like to play the game Total Anarchy. It look well put together. However when I try to play the game on my Win 7 laptop it runs veeerrrrryyyyy sssslllllooooowwwwww. The sound is choppy also. any suggestions?

  8. maggenti

    That is whats been bothering me? I did not figure it out until I read all the posts above. Your images are so clear and when you see 5 million dollar games look so crappy it is really amazing they even release them. The guy is right, you really do have a place to go when you graduate. They will come to you . . .

  9. Thomas G

    You seem to be getting a lot of tutorial requests. Perhaps you can make these, and charge for the video downloads. Just saying. I know I would buy them, especially for the 3d stuff.

  10. mo-jay

    snow you are by far the best game desiner i know
    i try to learn from your posted info
    good day

  11. Michael

    Pretty awesome work! Found you on Youtube. I think I’ll wait for the full game to be released 🙂 being a GTA 2 fan this is definitely something I’ll look at playing. Thanks again for all the hard work you’ve put in to this and keep it up!

    As for everyone asking for source code, etc… the guys spent years on this. Why would he give all his hard work away? If you want something this amazing, invest the years he has.

    As for tutorials, if you’ve got time they would be bloody awesome! 😀

  12. Michael

    Regarding Mac Exporting, I’m just looking on Game Makers website and it states there that it has Mac OS X Export, Windows PC Export, Windows 8 Export. So not sure if you could export it to a mac directly from Game Maker? I don’t have a use for it on a Mac just I was reading your previous posts about possibly transfering it to a Mac.

    Hope this helps.


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