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Mugician is a slick little iOS app designed by Rob Fielding which I find far more effective at playing melodies on a tablet with than a traditional piano key layout. I’m a pianist yet I find this tab-like layout more efficient and capable on a screen with limited width.

The ‘British Broadcasting Network’ may have had a large radio presence in the proposed special edition of Total Anarchy – New Verago. While instead the game has been rewritten entirely, this recording from 2013 still exists. It isn’t canon but after spending two sleepless nights making it I thought it’d be a nice idea to stick it on the web for curious ears to enjoy.

While I haven’t finished many games, I’ve certainly put together several examples showcasing the potential of Game Maker 8’s graphical features. The software can be used to effectively render a variety of environments. This video demonstrates several of them, along with my audio commentary.

Gameplay footage of Total Anarchy from late 2009, between the alpha and beta versions.


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