Total Anarchy

Welcome To Pavilion City

Join us at the seaside in Pavilion City! It’s the final year of the last millennium, you’re out of work & in dire need of quick cash. It’s time to party with powerful friends, violently adapt your strategy and tangle with vast criminal empires.   


Demo available on!

With the currently available alpha testing version you can already hijack cars, steal drugs, trash hotel rooms, murder citizens, blow up boats, listen to the radio, set people on fire, throw bricks & rocks, shoot rockets and otherwise behave like a terrible person much like you can in other open world games.

This game features a vast and vibrant city rendered in top down 3D. It includes nearly a hundred unique vehicles, 26 different weapons & 2 hours of exclusive in-game radio. Feel free to explore the place and cause havoc!

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP(SP3), 7, 8.1 or 10.
  • A five year old mid-range CPU or anything better.
  • A 200Mb chunk of free disk space.
  • 4GB of RAM.
  • 512Mb or more video memory recommended.


Everything in this game is a work of fiction and is not made to represent or identify any particular individual, company or organisation. Any similarities in any events, speech or other things shown in this game are coincidental.

I do not endorse any of the behaviour depicted in this game.


Be warned that this game does contain graphic violence, foul language, and lots of references to drugs and that ugly sort of thing. Therefore it is not suitable to be played by or distributed to children.