New track: Nexus Six

“Influenced by the huge synth-orchestral arrangements from 1980s science-fiction movies, this track blends those types of harmonies and synth sounds with trance like melodies and contemporary breakbeat percussion to form a powerful new mix.”

Isle Eleven – Grab it for free now!

I’ve finally released the first album under the name Distronaut. Featuring a remix by Hexus and the vocal talents of Mhyst, Powder J, Holly Jean, Joey Dimes and DVickers. It’s taken me ten months to make and covers a massive range of genres including house, trance, drum and bass, electro, hip hop, dubstep, synthpop and breaks.

Download the whole album in a ZIP file (192kbps beautifully tagged mp3s inside) – Here.

You can listen and download individual tracks on the album’s page – Here.