Summer In The City – 2012 YouTube Gathering: Weebl Live With Fionn Hodgson and Sarah Darling

We go on stage at 5h52m29s. The rest of the video mostly contains YouTube pseudo-celebs dicking about in front of a camera. The gig was a lot of fun; Jonti and Sarah are really good to perform with. I couldn’t help smiling most of the time, even when the computer kept flaking out. More shows to come soon hopefully!

Evoke – My New Album – Out Now For Free!


It has been twenty months since the release of my last album, Isle Eleven, under the Distronaut pseudonym. While that album was definitely club orientated, this new collection of tracks is a little steadier. It does still, however, feature massive amounts of juicy synths, big beats and cheesy hooks. It’s nine of my most polished tracks from the past two years and I hope you enjoy them!

Free Download Here – 9 x 320kbps Mp3 [75MB ZIP Archive.] Please ask if you require an alternative format.

Here’s a link to the Bandcamp page where you can preview tracks, download tracks individually and optionally donate monies for ’em 🙂