Summer In The City – 2012 YouTube Gathering: Weebl Live With Fionn Hodgson and Sarah Darling

We go on stage at 5h52m29s. The rest of the video mostly contains YouTube pseudo-celebs dicking about in front of a camera. The gig was a lot of fun; Jonti and Sarah are really good to perform with. I couldn’t help smiling most of the time, even when the computer kept flaking out. More shows to come soon hopefully!

Summer In The City – One Week To Go!

Priority tickets for Friday and Saturday night are now available.

Weebl and I will be playing on Saturday the 18th at the Brewery in London. It’ll be a juicy selection of Weebl’s greatest hits with plenty of extra bits that nobody has seen online. The set will be about half an hour long and we’re following other high profile YouTube musicians and personalities. The attendance list this year is the biggest it has ever been so if you want to see us, it’s probably best to grab tickets pronto!

From the SitC site:
These £3 tickets will guarantee you a place in the limited capacity of the performance space. They’ll give you entrance before the doors open to everyone at 7pm.

This is only for the evening gigs.  Admission for the rest of the events over the weekend is free.

Facebook Event Page.  – See The Crowd.

You will be dancing to us like this.