New release! Pastel Mornings single now available to buy on iTunes.

Pastel Mornings on iTunes

After producing music in my spare time for a decade now, and 4 years as Distronaut, it’s time to start publishing remastered high quality versions of my favourite work. They’re mainly atmospheric electronic beats I developed to please my ears while either procrastinating or avoiding having to go outside. A 13 track album will be following shortly.

See Distronaut – Pastel Mornings on iTunes

New Track: Happy Horizon II

Evoke‘s trippy Happy Horizon gets a big and juicy facelift. Give it a listen!


New shots from my retro sandbox, Total Anarchy.

Work on the follow up to 2010′s top down playground, Total Anarchy, has been resumed. When released, expect a bucket load of new features; including optional colour and scan-line filters to accompany the oldskool graphics.

Players of the first game should be pleased to hear that you can now save and load properly without lamp posts morphing into houses! Yay!

If anybody would like to voice a pedestrian for me, just ask. :)

New Track: Canis Major


Some techno rubbish I started in 2007. Rediscovered, re-compressed, re-cheesed.

New Track: Hot Pixel!


Get your nineties on!

New track: Feltzer


New Track – Atlantica